Cadets smiling inside the campus shuttle in front of the police station.

Campus Safety Services

Learn more about the Police Cadets Program, Community Services Officers job training program, and the campus courtesy shuttle service.

Police Cadet Program

The El Camino Police Department has an active police cadet program that plays a vital role in providing quality non-hazardous police services to our campus community. The police cadets are El Camino College students who work part-time for the Police Department while attending El Camino College. 

The program allows a student to gain valuable experience working in a law enforcement setting while pursuing their educational goals. Police cadets work up to 25 hours per week and perform a variety of assignments. 


Some of the functions performed by police cadets are:

  • Giving directions and assistance to the public
  • Escorting students, staff and visitors
  • Parking enforcement
  • Making emergency notifications
  • Providing assistance and traffic control at special events
  • Operating the campus courtesy shuttle
  • Locking and unlocking of campus facilities
  • Delivering evidence to the lab for processing
  • Non-hazardous patrol of campus grounds


Minimum Requirements

  • Currently enrolled as a student at El Camino College
  • With at least six units per semester; and
  • A GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • 18 years of age
  • Possession of a valid California driver's license
  • Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent
  • No felony criminal or disqualifying misdemeanor criminal conviction
  • Able to pass a thorough background investigation, including a fingerprint check with D.O.J./F.B.I.

We are always looking for qualified individuals who are interested in becoming police cadets. Cadets should enjoy working with the public and be able to work in a fast-paced environment. 

Our police cadets are consistently recruited by local law enforcement agencies, including our own department and now serve in law enforcement agencies throughout Southern California. 


If you are interested in becoming part of this program, please call 310-660-3100.


Community Services Officers

Community service officers (CSOs) are primarily responsible for overseeing the day-to-day cadet program operations, the maintenance and servicing of the campus parking permit machines and other department support services as needed. CSOs also performs a variety of non-hazardous duties that assist the Police Department in providing service to the campus community. 


Some of the duties a CSO performs include:

  • Recruiting and processing qualified cadet applications
  • Developing and maintaining a work schedule for police cadets
  • Briefing cadet personnel to ensure awareness of any special events and/or crimes
  • Providing introductory and advanced training for all cadets
  • Printing and monitoring parking citation production reports
  • Assisting with front counter/dispatching operations
  • Performing parking permit machine maintenance and servicing, including the collection of revenue


Campus Courtesy Shuttle

The El Camino Police Department operates a campus courtesy shuttle/escort service evenings only. Individuals requesting this service should call the El Camino College Police Department Communications Center at 310-660-3100, option 5 and let the dispatcher know your location and where you would like to go on campus. 


You may also ask your instructor or any El Camino Staff member to contact the Police Department for you, or use any of the blue emergency poles located throughout the campus or the red phones located inside the buildings. The campus courtesy shuttle will be dispatched to your location and will transport you anywhere on El Camino College Campus grounds. 

The service utilizes several different types of vehicles from trams to white Ford vans with "CAMPUS SHUTTLE" on the sides. It is important to note that the campus courtesy shuttle handles approximately 180 requests per evening and is on a first-come, first-served basis; wait times vary and may, at times, be lengthy.


The service accommodates El Camino College students, staff, faculty and visitors and operates on campus and to any of the El Camino College parking lots. The shuttle, however, cannot leave ECC campus grounds. The campus courtesy shuttle service allows for a safe way of traveling around campus during the evening hours. 


For more information on the campus courtesy shuttle service, please contact the Police Department at 310-660-3100, option 5.