Person breaking cigarette in half

Smoking Cessation

Quitting is difficult. Before you start, let’s talk, help is available. Book an appointment with our registered nurse to discuss how to quit!

Start Your Quitting Journey Today

Student Health Services is here to help you succeed in your efforts to quit smoking or vaping. Smoking Cessation Services provided by Student Health Services may include:

  • One-on-one appointment with an ECC registered nurse to discuss quitting strategies
  • Information about support organizations and web-based resources
  • Education on stress management and coping with withdrawal symptoms
  • FREE quit kits (while supplies last)
  • Quitline referrals, quit tools, apps and text messaging
  • Information on nicotine replacement therapies (medication, patches and gum)

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule a smoking cessation consultation or to simply request more information, please call Student Health Services.

Call for an appointment: 310-660-3643