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First-Gen Awareness Week

Celebrate our first-generation students at First-Gen Awareness Week.

Upcoming Event

Check back soon for the upcoming First-Gen Awareness Week! During the week, make sure to tag your posts online using:  #FirstGenWarrior and #CelebrateFirstGen


Past Events

Monday, November 2 Black First-Gen Alumni Chat
Join us for a virtual conversation with Black El Camino College alumni
as they share stories and experiences, career advice, and tips for success.
Tuesday, November 3 Power of the Black Vote
The First-Generation Task Force is pleased to sponsor this important conversation on Election Day about the power of the Black vote, voter suppression, and the implications for future elections. Activists and experts from three Los Angeles-based organizations will share their insights and perspectives. 
Thursday, November 5 Black First-Gen Symposium
Join us for a virtual symposium on the Black First-Generation student experience with Dr. La'Tonya Rease Miles, a national expert. This training will explore tangible strategies to support the success of Black First-Gen students on campus. Participants will be invited to join a SITE team dedicated to continuing the work.