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Safe Zone Training

The LGBTQIA+ Safe Zone Project Training is designed to give service members, staff, faculty, and administrators the opportunity to learn best practices in supporting queer students and their allies on campus.

Become an Ally and an Advocate

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Safe Zone Project Training

This Safe Zone Project Training program provides resources to address the holistic needs of LGBTQIA+ students and their student allies. The program highlights:

  • Queer history
  • Relevant legislation affecting students
  • Intersecting identities
  • Sexual orientation and gender entities
  • Mental health
  • Student scenarios and voices 

After completing this training, participants will be invited to become part of a campuswide professional network of allies who serve and advocate for LGBTQIA+ students at El Camino College.

How to Participate

For individuals interested in participating in our next Safe Zone Training, please fill out the Safe Zone Training Interest Form