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Student Resources

Explore various resources and ways to connect with the LGBTQIA+ community.

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At El Camino, our highest value is placed on our students and their educational goals. As partners in our students' success, we offer academic programs and services that ensure every student feels safe, valued, and included.

Explore the following resources and services available to our LGBTQIA+ student community.


LGBTQIA+ Student Resources

Purdue Global recently published an article that provides an extensive list of resources available to LGBTQ+ students in college. This piece discusses scholarships and grants, health resources, academic resources, and even some resources explicitly geared toward students of color. This would be helpful for your community to refer to as it highly details the complicated challenges faced by LGBTQ+ students in college and the importance of providing support.  Click here to learn more: 44 Resources for LGBTQIA+ College Students


For information on ways to get connected to the LGBTQIA+ community at El Camino College, learn more about our Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club!


We are proud to present the LGBTQIA+ Safe Zone Project Resource Guide: A Community Manual for Local & National Queer Resources. This guide offers our students, employees, and allies important information as well as connections to a variety of LGBTQIA+ resources and services. Please take some time to review this document that supports our efforts to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive college.

View the resource guide.


While there may be common themes shared by those who have "Come Out" as LGBTQIA+, no individual "coming out experience" is the same. For many, coming out is a continual process rather than one singular event.  For others, the privilege of choosing when to come come out to loved ones may not be a reality. The resources gathered below are merely meant to provide points of reflection and resources to those considering coming out.