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MANA Program


MANA's purpose is to help El Camino students of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander descent succeed in their academic journey while integrating their cultural identity into the process. At the core of MANA are the Native Hawaïan and Pacific Islander values of respect, integrity, commitment, and compassion.

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Join Mana - MANA provides culturally centered guidance that simplifies the pathway to transferring and/or graduating.MANA Interest Form

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El Camino College Mana Program

  • Counseling
  • FAFSA Assistance
  • Life Skills Workshops
  • Mentorship
  • Transfer/graduation Assistance
  • Tutoring
  • Time Management Tools
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Academic Accountability
  • Social Support
  • Need Based Laptop Loans


Mālō e lelei! Talofa! Hafa Adai! Bula!

MANA group posing together on campus.
The MANA program at El Camino College aims to help students achieve their academic career goals at El Camino College.Contact

The MANA program aims to increase the number of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) students who complete requirements for an associate degree and/or transfer to a four-year university.

Because MANA is a NHPI term that embodies spiritual power, the MANA program is intentionally designed to empower NHPI students by strengthening quality educational and support services to promote and foster student learning, sense of belonging, success, and self-advocacy.

MANA helps students navigate the college experience by providing support with:

  • Onboarding 
  • Academic & Social Integration
  • Career Planning 
  • Graduation / Transfer
MANA has helped me gain lifelong friends and a new outlook on who I am and what I have to offer as a young Samoan woman going to college. I have a voice, too, and they encourage me to use it. The possibilities are endless because of the genuine support that MANA provides.

Linga Faletuipapai

First Year General Studies: Social & Behavioral Studies MajorJunipero Serra High School, Inglewood 

"It helped me gain another family. I learned a newlanguage from other MANA students. MANA gives me another reason to come to school."


Siulangi Manu

First Year Biology Major Gardena High School, Gardena

"It has helped me in a lot of ways. It's provided a lot of opportunities for me. The MANA team has helped me with financial aid and helps me a lot with my classes and staying on top of it. They are very encouraging and give me that extra motivational push."


Salesi Fifita

First Year Communications Major Redondo Union High School, Hawthorne

"The MANA Program has made me want to be a leader and role model for those who are part of this program and for future MANA students. I do not start school until Spring but this program has excited me to want to go back to school and to reach the potential I know I'm capable of. It gives me a sense of belonging and also a sense of urgency knowing that I have people I'm surrounded by in whom we all share a common goal both students and staff. I've been to football games and volleyball games to show my support for fellow MANA students to be successful. I know a lot of boys who started school and didn't finish and I feel a big part of it was they had no support system. This is what MANA brings. A support system of staff and students that are genuinely interested in my success and my goals. It's already made an impact on me and I haven't even started school. Can't wait until spring semester."


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MANA provides culturally centered guidance that simplifies the pathway to transferring and/or graduating.

Professional Development
You can participate in a series of culturally centered events such as workshops, leadership seminars, field trips, and trainings.

MANA Counselors are available to assist students with identifying and understanding the pathway necessary to take in order to reach their academic goals. 

Each MANA Scholar is paired with a MANA staff mentor whose goal is to support them throughout their entire college career at El Camino College through regular check-ins, academic support and one-on-one assistance. 

Build Community
MANA members are provided with weekly opportunities to build community through activities such as group study sessions, game days, Talanoa and movie nights to strengthen a sense of belonging within the college space. 

  • "Online presence was 100%! If I forgot to do something like registration for classes there were constant reminders on IG, email, text, Remind, and calls."
  • "MANA check-ins were great, definitely able to offer a safe space to not worry about things, and give me a break from constant pressure from school. MANA definitely was there in some dark spots of my semester and provided constant love and support. Definitely wouldn't have been able to go about this semester without the constant love."
  • "This is a really amazing program, staff and counselors were very welcoming and encouraging. I am sure they operated swiftly online, as if they were in person! No negativity."
  • "MANA team definitely supported me throughout the pandemic and made sure I stayed on track with everything. Couldn't have been more grateful for them. Everyone is definitely family to me."
  • "MANA counselors exceeded my expectations and needs as a student. Their support was pivotal to my success in school."



MANA is currently accepting interested students!

If you would like to join MANA or learn more about our services, please complete the MANA Interest Form

MANA staff will contact you after your interest form has been reviewed. 



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