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MESA Components

MESA’s community college level program produces a diverse population of transfer-ready students to advance their STEM educational journeys in four-year university programs. 

The MESA Community College Program (MCCP) aims to help underserved and underrepresented students achieve success in STEM fields. MCCP provides math, engineering and science academic enrichment to community college students so they excel academically and transfer to four-year institutions as math-based majors.

The program is a partnership with the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office and establishes academic-based community centers at campuses where most students are commuters and opportunities for peer support and information sharing are scarce. The program is supported by industry, so students learn about career options, scholarships, internships, and special programs.

The main components of the MCCP include:

  • Academic Excellence Workshops. Students are scheduled in the same core math and science classes and taught how to maintain high academic outcomes through group study.
  • Academic Advising/Counseling. Students receive individualized guidance on classes and develop multi-year plans to ensure that they take courses in the most effective sequence to transfer in a timely manner.
  • Student Study Center. This dedicated multipurpose space used for study, workshops and information sharing is a key element in building a close learning community.
  • Assistance in the Transfer Process. MESA offers workshops on applications and counseling and field trips to universities.
  • Career Advising. Students are exposed to different math, engineering and science career options through industry mentors, field trips, job shadowing, career fairs, and internship opportunities.
  • Links with Student and Professional Organizations. These resources provide mentors, guest speakers, and tours of companies.
  • Professional Development Workshops. Students participate in mock job fairs, gain resume-preparation and interview skills, and learn how to find part-time, full-time and summer employment.
  • Industry Advisory Board. Corporate representatives, including many MESA alumni, participate on the board and provide scholarships, strategic planning, special summer internships, field trips, and other resources. The board serves as a valuable connection between students and companies who need technical professionals.

MESA community college programs are located throughout California.