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Peer-Assisted Study Sessions

Why study alone when you can study with your classmates? Get peer-facilitated, structured study sessions designed to help you in and outside of the classroom through Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS).

Why Attend PASS?

The Peer-Assisted Study Sessions aim to provide a learning atmosphere that differs from the traditional tutorial environment. The focus is on integrating the course content (what to learn) with academic reasoning and study skills (how to learn).

  • PASS is a student-led initiative where issues relating to course material and student life can be discussed in a friendly, informal environment with peers and trained student facilitators.
  • PASS provides an opportunity to make new friends while studying in small group sessions. It is a safe place to ask questions and improve your confidence in your studies.
  • PASS mentors will help you find the answers to your questions about difficult course material or problems
  • PASS mentors provide test preparation and review
  • PASS mentors will help you build strong study skills
  • PASS sessions are a place to get to know other students in your major and learn with friends!
This helped me a lot and I benefited from understanding the importance of using resources around you. This has heavily impacted the improvement in my writing.”

News & Announcements

PASS Sessions During COVID-19 

Due to concerns raised by COVID-19, PASS Sessions are no longer being offered on campus. Students are welcome to sign up for online tutoring using the Online Tutoring Form.


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