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Looking for an edge on your writing projects? Get some free assistance from one of our professional tutors!

Summer '24 Tutoring:  Available On Campus & Online June 17 - August 8

Visit ECC's Online Tutoring Hub here. The password is "Tutorhub".Join the Zoom!

For the Summer 2024 term, tutors will be available in the Reading and Writing Studio (located in Humanities 122) Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm. Tutors also will be available online via ECC's Online Tutoring Hub on Wednesdays & Thursdays 2-6pm and Fridays & Saturdays 10am-2pm.  

Be sure to have all your files ready, like essay prompts, assignment sheets, and draft pages. Write down any specific questions you have so you remember to ask. And please be patient; we'll try to keep the wait to a minimum, but sometimes we get very busy!

Our Mission Statement

In alignment with El Camino College’s vision and goals, the Reading and Writing Studio believes that tutoring is equity in action. We recognize that all people come to the writing center from different backgrounds, including language, identity, and learning style to express their unique voices. The Reading and Writing Studio works with students to refine and clarify their ideas, produce successful writing, and improve their academic confidence. We strive to create better writers, not just better writing, by encouraging students to use their voices to make significant contributions and achieve academic and personal growth.



Enter Zoom

or in Zoom, use meeting ID 969 0579 9996

Zoom Password:  Tutorhub


On Campus: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu 9-4pm in H-122

Online: Wed/Thu 2-6pm; Fri/Sat 10-2pm

Closed June 19 and July 4 for campus holidays

  • Draft review
  • Pre-writing
  • Brainstorming
  • Outlining
  • Interpreting challenging texts
  • Source integration
  • Quoting and paraphrasing
  • APA & MLA formatting and documentation
  • Editing tips
  • Grammar help
  • Research papers
  • Lit reviews
  • Speeches
  • Digital presentations

Need guidance about grammar, sentence structure, or citations? Email your specific questions to us, and a tutor will get back to you quickly, usually within two working days.

If you have more complex questions such as, “Is this a good thesis for my essay?” or “Can you give me your thoughts on this draft?” we’ll advise you to join a one-on-one session for a fuller conversation. Email Your Question

Tutors Can’t… But They Can…
Line edit your entire paper for you. Help you spot and correct frequent errors.
Predict your grade. Help you maximize your assignment’s potential.
Write or rewrite sections of your paper. Brainstorm ideas for changes or additions.
Explain your professor’s comments. Refer you to your instructor for clarification.
Be an expert on your specific topic. Talk it through and help you organize it.
Work with you for an infinite length of time. Invite you to return after you’ve made progress.
Generally speaking, work with you more than three times on the same assignment. Invite you to return with a different assignment or an assigned revision.



Free Workshops

During the Fall and Spring semesters, we offer free workshops for all ECC students via Zoom and on campus. For recorded workshops, check out our YouTube channel.

ESL Conversation Corner

During the Fall and Spring semesters, we host ESL Conversation Corner sessions for students who want to practice speaking English by talking about culture, playing games, and other activities. 

Embedded Tutors

We assign a tutor to every section of English 1AS to assist your specific class. The embedded tutor works closely with your professor to make sure you can meet all the expectations for quality writing. For more info, watch this video.

Getting the Most from Your Tutoring Session

If you’ve never worked with a tutor before, here’s what to expect.


Ideally, you should attend your tutoring session with your draft in progress, the assignment sheet and/or parameters given to you by your professor, and some specific questions for your tutor about how we can help you.

That said, if you have less than this, we’ll work hard to make the most of our time together – if you have nothing, we’ll help you brainstorm and get started. The key is to have some ideas about what you’d like to accomplish in your session.


The more time you allow between your tutoring session and the assignment’s due date, the more we can help you refine your work, and the more valuable your session will be.

As much as possible, try to plan ahead so that you can really think about your tutor’s advice, make changes based on it, and maybe even come back for another session!


Tutors aren’t miracle workers, and this isn’t Hogwarts. Keep in mind that your session can’t last forever, and you may not get to cover everything you had hoped for.

A tutor’s job is to help you learn and, as a result, be more independent, not to wave their magic wands and just “fix” things.


The Reading and Writing Studio is meant for all students, not just those who are struggling. Every semester, we see a wide variety of students with all manner of writing abilities. Not everyone loves to write, and that’s OK.

But we believe that everyone can be good at it, and we will always strive to share that positivity with you. You can do it, and we can help!

Questions? Contact us!

Reading and Writing Studio

Humanities 122