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Student Equity Reenvisioned

Student Equity Reenvisioned

Student Equity Reenvisioned is a Behavioral and Social Sciences Division and Student Equity Program initiative at El Camino College that addresses disproportionate impact and student equity by providing faculty with frameworks for creating culturally sensitive learning environments. SER faculty strive to create learning environments in which content mastery and college readiness are facilitated and re-enforced through instructional methods and interventions that specifically address the barriers African-American and Latino students experience when attempting general education course completion. 

Our Approach

Rather than focusing only on traditional student developmental theory and practices, SER addresses the equity gap from an organizational learning theory framework that moves faculty to re-evaluate how their teaching methods, their view on student learning, their assignment design and their content delivery may be contributing to the equity gap. To accomplish this objective, SER faculty engage in the following

  • Unpack disaggregate course completion data to identify equity gaps
  • Engage the data through an equity-minded inquiry approach
  • Design equity-minded content, assessments and delivery systems

This approach redirects focus from student characteristics as the root of unequal educational outcomes to an approach that will examine the structural and cultural obstacles that may prevent courses from achieving equitable educational outcomes for all student demographic groups.