Education-Related Clubs

Connect with fellow students and your local community through these TEACH El Camino clubs.

Child Development Club

The purpose of this club is to bring together students and community members with an interest in fostering the growth and development of children in their communities. The Child Development Club will organize opportunities for club members to gain experience in the field of child development/early childhood education, including, but not limited to, personal growth, volunteering, community support, and activities for children. We will strive to show the community that it truly does take a village to raise a child. 

Club Advisor: Cynthia Cervantes, 

Future Teachers' Club

Future Teachers' Club logoThe Future Teachers' Club is designed to foster social and professional connections among members.

The Future Teachers’ Club provides TEACH students with an opportunity to attend monthly meetings designed to foster social and professional connections among members. 

The Future Teachers' Club has been officially re-established with the Inter-Club Council. Those of you who have been unable to attend so far, please add our future club events to your calendar. The Future Teachers' Club is focused on supporting students going into education from pre-school all the way to K-12 and beyond. As a TEACH El Camino Program member you have membership in our Future Teachers’ Club.

Club Advisors:

Yadira Arellano

Janice Jefferis
310-660-3593 x3790

Message from Former Future Teachers’ Club President:  

 “As former president of the Teachers’ Club at El Camino College, I was able to grow in many skills, one of them being team leadership. Most people think that events and meetings just happen, but there are a lot of details and planning that go with that. I loved leading such a fun group of people through challenges that future educators will experience in their careers in monthly meetings, while playing fun games, eating and bonding together.

During my time as president, I worked as a Youth Fitness Coach at several elementary schools in my area, contracted through a local non-profit organization. I was so grateful for this opportunity, and I had such an amazing time teaching. However, it made me consider other career paths and explore a bit more of what types of jobs are in the world. After deep consideration, I decided to change my major to kinesiology. Since my life has always revolved around fitness and wellness, I feel like that major is a perfect choice for me. I plan on being a personal trainer and a club soccer coach.

I’m open to other career options in that field as well. I plan to transfer to CSUDH in 2020, and see where life takes me!” 

-Jordan Dauer, 2018-2019 Club President