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El Camino’s economics degree programs prepare you for a rewarding career after graduation or for university transfer.

Approximate cost for an El Camino College economics degree
Careers associated with this program have a salary range from $32,000 to over $208,000 with an average salary of $101,000
Career opportunities for this program are expected to grow 6.8% nationwide from 2016 to 2026

Our Economics Associate in Arts (AA) and Economics Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) degrees typically take two years to complete.

Economics education provides a clear pathway to employment and/or transfer. We’ll help you complete your academic and career goals.

Choose a Degree Designed for a Career or Transfer

An economics degree from El Camino will prepare you to transfer. Or you can use your degree to enter a career after graduating. We can help you achieve either goal.

Economics Associate in Arts (AA) Degree

The AA degree in economics offers a clear pathway to transfer so you are ready to earn a bachelor's degree after graduating. You might also choose to pursue a career. We’ll help you explore your options.

  • Build a foundation in basic economics concepts with a focus on distribution of income, economic growth, inflation, and business cycles.
  • Meet most common transfer requirements.
  • Start your journey toward a bachelor’s degree, a rewarding career, and even graduate study.

Economics Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) Degree

The AA-T degree in economics sets you on a direct path to complete a bachelor's degree in a similar major at a California State University campus. You will also get priority consideration for admission to the CSU system.

  • Learn principles of economic models, the fundamental laws of supply and demand, and international trade theory.
  • Gain a strong academic foundation in economics and preparation for university study.
  • Enroll in courses specifically designed to transfer to a CSU campus. 

Pursue an Entry-Level Job or Further Education

With an economics degree from El Camino, you’ll be set to transfer immediately to begin working on a bachelor’s degree at another school or start a job in the private or public sector. Your critical-thinking and problem-solving skills will serve you well for any career you choose.  

  • Learn to lead, innovate, and work in careers with professional advancement opportunities.
  • Explore careers as an actuary, appraiser, bank manager, broker, budget analyst, controller, economics teacher, economist, financial analyst, loan officer, market research analyst, real estate broker, and risk analyst, among other areas.
  • Pursue higher education for additional career options.
  • Careers associated with this program have a salary range from $32,000 to over $208,000 with an average salary of $101,000.

Build Your Economics Network Beyond the Classroom

As an El Camino economics student, you gain access to a professional community of colleagues and mentors. The perspectives and connections you develop here will prove valuable throughout your career.

  • Be a part of the Business and Economics Club and meet students who share your interests.
  • Attend workshops featuring guest speakers on topics like banking and accounting.
  • Take advantage of an internship.
  • Find support from tutoring in all your classes.
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Academic Details

Learn about course requirements and more for the Economics AA and Economics Associate in Arts for Transfer AA-T in El Camino’s online catalog.

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Economics Program Maps

Find semester-by-semester plans that chart your path to an Economics AA or Economics AA-T degree.

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Connect with the Faculty

Use the Faculty Directory to connect with Faculty in your program and the Faculty Schedule list to know when your faculty are available.

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