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Political Science

El Camino’s political science transfer degree program introduces you to political science while also preparing you to continue your education at California State Univerity (CSU). It’s an accessible, affordable path to a rewarding, in-demand career.

Our Political Science Associate of Arts for Transfer degree typically takes two years. Political science education at El Camino will challenge you to be your best. We’ll be here to help.

Annual job openings for regulatory affairs managers.
Median salary for public relations specialists.
Projected growth in employment for political scientists through 2029.

Choose a Political Science Transfer Degree

This option is perfect for El Camino students who want a broad introduction to the concepts of political science before continuing their education at CSU.

Political Science Associate of Arts for Transfer (AA-T) Degree

This degree gives you the opportunity to develop a solid understanding of political science while also providing an excellent foundation for continuing your studies at CSU.

  • Master the basic concepts of political theory, intergovernmental relations, international law, the principal functions of American government, and differing political systems. 
  • Explore the different theories and political themes that underlie contemporary issues and policy making.
  • Develop a foundation for career opportunities in fields such as teaching and research, and for upper division baccalaureate study at the university level. 
  • Prepare yourself for transfer to CSU as a political science major and further studies in government, politics, and law. 

El Camino made the transition from high school to college very easy, which has motivated me to pursue higher than a two-year degree."

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Prepare for a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science

As an El Camino political science graduate, you’ll be ready to pursue a bachelor’s degree at CSU. We’ll help you build the practical knowledge and hands-on skills for any career you choose.

  • Prepare yourself for career opportunities in fields such as regulatory affairs, compliance, labor relations, and public relations. 
  • Learn the methodology and research techniques employed by contemporary political scientists.
  • Strengthen your ability to think critically and communicate effectively.
  • Prepare yourself for further study in a political science bachelor’s degree program.
  • Median salaries for bachelor’s degree holders working as labor relations specialists is $80,000 and $62,000 for those working as public relations specialists.

Participate in Academic and Career Opportunities

Gain career experience and opportunities while learning about political science careers.

  • Join El Camino’s Political Science Club, a nonpartisan club open to all students who wish to discuss local, state, and national politics.
  • Explore careers in positions such as attorney, banker, campaign operative, career counselor, city planner, congressional staffer, communications director, corporate analyst, public affairs adviser, entrepreneur, research specialist, and more! 
  • Learn from our experienced instructors who have a background in a variety of fields. 
  • Take advantage of an internship in your field of interest.
  • Participate in tutoring sessions available in multiple subjects, or share your knowledge and become a tutor. 
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Political Science Academic Details

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Political Science Program Maps

Find semester-by-semester plans that chart your path to a Political Science AA-T degree.

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