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California State University, Dominguez Hills
Bachelor of Arts Degree Transfer Agreement
Liberal Studies: Early Teaching and Learning Option (ETLO)

The Liberal Studies Early Teaching and Learning Option (ETLO) is designed to prepare students to teach children from birth to age 5 in diverse inclusive early childhood education and preschool settings. Participants in the option complete the undergraduate liberal studies degree with an emphasis on studies in early language development, culture, literacy, early mathematical reasoning, and exceptional children. For those students interested in special education, the option provides a clear pathway into the Early Childhood Special Education credential program.

Child Development Concentration Courses (18 units)

(Some courses may be substituted for the courses listed below. See Counselor for verification.)

Concentration Courses (12 units)
- Child Development 104 - The Home, the School, and the Community
- Child Development 112 - Teaching Young Children in Multicultural Classrooms
- Child Development 114 - Observing and Guiding Children
- Child Development 150 - Survey of Children with Special Needs or Child Development 152  Disabilities in the Development Child
Two Courses (6 units) from:
Child Development 116 - Creative Art for Young Children
Child Development 117 - Music and Movement for Young Children
Child Development 118 - Math and Science for Young Children
Child Development 119 - Language Arts for Young Children

General Education and Major Preparation Courses (44 units)

- Art 1 or Theatre 1
- Dance 1 or Music 11
- Child Development 103
- Biology 10
- Geography 5
- English 1C
- English 27
- Math 110
- History 101
- History 140
*These courses double count for General Education and Major Preparation.

- Astronomy 20 or Astronomy 25 or Geology 1 or Geology 2 or Physics 11
- Speech Communication 1
- English 1A
- Political Science 1 

Admission to the Liberal Studies Early Teaching and Learning Option includes:

  • Overall GPA of 2.0 or above
  • Current Child Development Permit (any level)
  • Official university admission into the Liberal Studies Program

It is highly recommended that all students meet with the Counselor to evaluate your transcript and to create an Transfer Plan.

The Articulation Agreement is also available on www.assist.org.

CSUDH Liberal Studies Department
E-mail: lbs@csudh.edu
Phone: 310-243-3832