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Artist's Portfolio Submissions

El Camino College Art Gallery hosts six exhibitions each year, including one student show and one El Camino College Art Department Faculty show.

Additionally the gallery provides at least one solo show each year and three group shows that are thematically grouped.

Mail Submissions

Please be sure to include the following materials:

  • CD.  Please number the digital files to correspond with your slide list.  Include representative images of the work you would be interested in exhibiting. You may include as many images as necessary, but please be concise in order to best represent yourself. There are no formatting requirements; however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to follow-up with any unreadable files that are submitted. It is best to format your images a jpeg files that are approximately 4"x6" at 72 dpi. We will request higher resolution images if necessary.
  • Slide List Please include a numbered list that corresponds with the images contained on the CD, that provides title, media, size and date for all works.
  • Artist's Statement Please include a statement discussing your art practice in general which also specifically addresses the project that you are submitting for review.
  • Artist's Resume/CV
  • Self –Addressed, Stamped Envelope (if you would like your materials returned)

Mail your portfolio to:

Attention: Michael L. Miller/Submissions
El Camino College Art Gallery
16007 Crenshaw Boulevard
Torrance, CA 90506

Email/Web Submissions

Due to file sizes, please do not submit any emails with entire portfolios and multiple images attached. Email us with a link to your website or send one or two images in lower resolution (72 dpi).

Address all emails for portfolio submission to Michael L. Miller at mlmiller@elcamino.edu. Please be sure to enter Portfolio Submission in the subject line of your email.

El Camino College Art Gallery schedules its programming with a number of considerations in mind. Below is a list of some of the factors we consider regarding programming of exhibitions:

  • Consideration is given to the relevance of artwork to the mission of this gallery.
  • Consideration is given to the relevance of artwork to various programs of study, particularly within the Art Department.
  • Consideration is given to the relevance of artwork to programs of study campus wide.
  • Consideration is give to exhibitions that serve the instructional program in either a general or specific way.
  • Consideration is given to artwork that serve as vehicles for understanding cultures, experiences and viewpoints.
  • Our audience includes the general population of students, faculty and staff at El Camino College, the general public in the community we serve, and the larger museum-going public of Southern California.
  • Our exhibitions feature contemporary art; El Camino College Art Gallery is not equipped to handle historical works of art or work that requires specific climate control.