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Mathematical Sciences Division High School Students

Division of Mathematical Sciences 

Procedures for pre-college students enrolling in Mathematical Sciences courses

Each pre-college student wishing to enroll in a mathematics, engineering, or computer science course must receive the dean's approval.  Complete the following steps:

  • Draft an email to the Marlow Lemons (Dean of Mathematical Sciences) at mlemons@elcamino.edu or Gerson Valle (Associate Dean of Mathematical Sciences) at gvalle@elcamino.edu.
  • Attach your completed dual enrollment application and a recent copy of your high school transcript to this email.  All parts of the dual enrollment application must be completed, including the signature of your parent/guardian and the high school principal or counselor, to process your application.

Please note the following additional information:

  • After approval, the dean will sign your dual enrollment application and submit it to the Dual Enrollment Office for you.  If you skip any of the steps above, your application will not be processed.
  • To follow up on the status of your application, contact the Dual Enrollment Office at dualenrollment@elcamino.edu.  The division office does not process dual enrollment applications.
  • Approval will not be granted for enrollment in courses at the pre-algebra or basic algebra level (MATH 12, MATH 23, or MATH 40).
  • Students given division approval are not guaranteed a seat in class, as registration priority is given to college students. Many sections will be fully enrolled with full waiting lists by the time pre-college students are permitted to register.
  • Parents should plan on making appropriate transportation arrangements for their children to safely arrive on the El Camino campus. Parents or other family members are not permitted to attend classes with their students.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call (310) 660-3200 or send an email to math@elcamino.edu