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Core Competencies and ILO Statements

Core Competencies and ILO Statements

 In Spring 2007, the El Camino College Academic Senate approved a set of core competencies which represent a broadly-defined knowledge base and/or set of skills that students are expected to demonstrate as a result of their educational experience at the college.  Revisions to the core competencies, now referred to as Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs), were approved in 2010 and 2014. 

Current ILO Statements (as ratified by the Academic Senate in May 2014):

1. Critical Thinking

Students apply critical, creative and analytical skills to identify and solve problems, analyze information, synthesize and evaluate ideas, and transform existing ideas into new forms.

2. Communication

Students effectively communicate with and respond to varied audiences in written, spoken or signed, and artistic forms.

3. Community and Personal Development

Students are productive and engaged members of society, demonstrating personal responsibility, and community and social awareness through their engagement in campus programs and services.

4. Information Literacy

Students determine an information need and use various media and formats to develop a research strategy and locate, evaluate, document, and use information to accomplish a specific purpose. Students demonstrate an understanding of the legal, social, and ethical aspects related to information use.

The college assesses its ILOs on a 4-year cycle, with a one ILO statement scheduled for assessment in any given academic year. 

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