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TracDat Training Materials and Resources

Training Materials and Resources for Nuventive (formerly known as TracDat) 

NOTE: Many of the resources presented below reflect different versions of TracDat; resources are currently being updated to provide information relating to the most current version of Nuventive.


SLO Template

Template for Reporting SLO Assessments in Nuventive


SAO Guide

Guide for Reporting SAO Assessments in Nuventive


TracDat User Video Tutorials

These video tutorials, provide users with information on the topics listed below.


TracDat QuickStart Guide

This guide was designed for SLO Coordinators, SLO Facilitators, and other system users to provide guidance related to the input of SLO and PLO reports into TracDat. 

TracDat QuickStart Guide (pdf)


TracDat General User Guide

This guide was designed to demonstrate how TracDat users can view assessment statements, data, results, and reports in the system.  The guide also provides guidance regarding how to input assessment results and follow-up actions into the appropriate areas in TracDat.

TracDat 101 Training - User Guide (pdf)


TracDat Guide - Running 4-Column Reports

This guide demonstrates how to run a 4-column report for an SLO in TracDat.

TracDat Guide - How To Run A 4-Column Report (pdf)


***For additional training, Nuventive training sessions are generally offered every semester.  For dates and times of training, click here.***




Learning Outcomes and Assessment Handbook

This handbook is designed to provide guidance in the development and assessment of course-, program-, and institution-level student learning outcomes.  Service area outcomes are also addressed in the handbook.  The document also includes resources related to the entry of assessment reports into Nuventive, the college's management system for assessment, program review, and planning.  The Learning Outcomes and Assessment Handbook is also a useful orientation tool and ongoing resource for members of the Assessment of Learning Committee (ALC).