Admission Forms

Admission Forms

You can review this list to find useful forms designed to help you make requests or changes to your college information. Simply open the form you need and follow the prompts. 

Student Forms

  • AB540 California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request
    If you are an undocumented student or U.S. citizen and meet the requirements, you should use this form instead of a residency reclassification.
  • Academic Renewal Petition A student may petition to have up to 30 semester units of substandard work (D, F or WF grade assigned) taken at El Camino College disregarded in the determination of the grade-point average (GPA).
  • Add/Drop Form Use this form if you cannot register through MyECC and/or need assistance adding or dropping a class prior to class deadlines.
  • AP Credit Request Some Advanced Placement (AP) credit can be used at El Camino. Please review the AP List and Scores before you submit the request.
  • Audit Request - The Paper Audit requests can be found in the Division Office or Admissions & Records.  Audit forms require several signatures and will not be processed until after the late add process has added.  The online Audit Form will not be available until it is time to process for each term. 
  • Change of Address/Phone Number Request Be sure to keep updated records on file with El Camino so you can be notified of important information.
  • Change of Major – Complete this form if you wish to change your major.
  • Credit by Exam – If you wish to earn credits for a specific course by demonstrating mastery of the subject matter and/or skills, complete this form.
  • General Petition – Use this form to request a grade change; not applicable for a class where you received a grade of A, B, C, D, F, Pass, No Pass, Credit, or No Credit.
  • Name/Gender/Pronoun/Date of Birth Change or Correction – Please provide verification documents for requested changes.
  • Pass/No Pass (P/NP) Request – P/NP can only be for classes that are listed on the form.  The form will be reposted after the update in time for Winter 2022 
  • Repeat Petition Use this form if you are requesting to take this class for the third.
  • Residency Reclassification Questionnaire Read the information on residency to determine why you were classified as a nonresident and to learn what documents you will need to submit with this questionnaire.
  • Social Security Number Correction/Account Merge – Make changes to your Social Security number or merge two existing accounts.
  • Student Course Repetition Petition Use this form if you have repeated a course at El Camino and/or another college and the previous course is not removed from your calculated GPA.
  • Student Grade Change Petition – This form is for letter grades (A-F) only. To streamline the process, read the instructions on the form and discuss the grade with your instructor before completing the grade change petition.
  • Transcripts - Official - Use this to request OFFICIAL transcripts of your work at El Camino.
  • Transcripts - Unofficial - Use this to request UNOFFICIAL transcripts of your work at El Camino.
  • Unit Overload – You can use this form to request classes above the unit limit for the term. For example, you can take 18 units in fall/spring; complete this form if you want to go over 18 units.
  • Verification of Enrollment Request – Fill out this form to request enrollment verification.
  • Veterans Residency Waiver - Fill out this form to request waiver of out-of-state fees if you qualify for GI Bill Educational Benefits.

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