Application & Enrollment

Personalized support at El Camino College starts before you even apply. You can become a student and start your first classes in just a few simple steps, but please connect with us if you have questions. We’ll be glad to walk you through the process and welcome you to El Camino.

Path to Enrollment

Applying to El Camino College is fast and easy. Use this step-by-step guide to apply for admission and financial aid, complete orientation and initial advising, and register for your first classes.

1. Apply for Admission

If you’re new to El Camino (or returning after being away for two or more consecutive spring or fall terms) apply for admission online. Need help with the application? Visit our Virtual Information Desk for one-on-one assistance.

Once you’ve applied, you’ll receive a student ID number via email. You’ll also get a new El Camino email address.

If you’ve previously taken any college-level courses, consider these additional steps:

2. Apply for Financial Aid

Everyone should apply for financial aid and explore scholarships—it’s worth the time even if you’re not sure you’re eligible.

Use the school code 001197 in your aid applications.

Contact our financial aid office with any questions about the application process or financial aid awards.

3. Schedule Orientation

Once you’ve applied for admission and aid, sign up for a New Student Orientation workshop with the Warrior Welcome Center.

Orientation offers an essential introduction to admission, registering for classes, and finding the support you need to succeed.

You can complete online orientation whenever you choose. You’ll need to schedule a follow-up meeting with your counselor to complete the orientation process.

4. Complete Assessments

El Camino will place you in the courses best suited to your math and English skills based on your high school GPA and coursework.

Complete the online English and Mathematics Survey once you receive your El Camino student ID number and MyECC login info. You can take the survey at any time.

Students whose first language is not English also should complete the English as a Second Language (ESL) Placement Test. Students who want to enroll in Chemistry 1A should take the Chemistry Placement Test.

Get more info and sign up for assessments at the Warrior Welcome Center.

5. Meet your Counselor

An academic counselor can recommend the fastest path to your goals, saving you time and money.

Schedule a counseling session before you register for classes.

6. Register for Classes

Once you’ve met with your counselor, you’re ready to choose your classes. You’ll be assigned a registration appointment—register at that date and time to create the schedule that best meets your needs.

Register online through MyECC. Find help with registration here


Warrior Welcome Center

Visit your one-stop-shop for future El Camino students, offering orientation, assessment, and help with any question.

Financial Aid

Get help with aid applications, navigate types of aid, and learn how aid is dispersed.