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Info for Overseas Agents

We proudly use responsible and quality education agents to assist international students in applying to our language school.  

El Camino Language Academy has a process to onboard agents. We welcome you to contact us to talk more about our procedures.

  • El Camino Language Academy will pay an established educational agent a commission fee for any students who are referred to the Language Academy (only).
  • This is a one-time fee only per student.
  • The student must attend and complete at least one semester at the Language Academy.
  • The Language Academy has successfully organized short-term English programs, and we can assist you with any type of travel and learning program you want to set up. We have an excellent staff and well-qualified faculty who can deliver a premier program for you and your group at a reasonable cost.

More Information

For more detailed information and an agent packet, contact:
Lindsey Ludwig

Referring Agents

We would like to thank all of the referring agents with whom we have worked in the past. Your continued support and association with the Language Academy is appreciated!


LACT - Los Angeles, CA Office:

Contact: Danny Fujisawa

Email: fujisawa@lactusa.com



International Education & Culture Exchange Center

Contact: Ms. Tianli Fan-Richardson

Phone: 310-561-5351

Email: tianlifan@yahoo.com


CJR Education

Email: info@cjredu.com



Ryugaku Journal, Inc.

Website address (Japanese): www.ryugaku.co.jp

Website address (English): www.ryugakujournal.com/en




Email: info@ryugakusite.com


diBec Inc.

Tel/Fax: 022-215-9959

Email: info@dibec.co.jp


JA Study Abroad Center

Tokyo, Japan

Website address: www.jasac.com


Learning Academy (Mr. Mesnaoui & staff)

Hasan Rabat

Phone: (212) 53 72 01 531

Casablanca Office: Casablanca International

Consulting Center

Phone: (212) 22 22 37 19

Email: lamkhantarm@gmail.com


Overseas Educational Corp. (Seoul, South Korea)


Email: studyoec@gmail.com


Chongro Overseas Educational Institution (Seoul, South Korea)

Contact: Joanne Hwang, Assistant Manager


Email: kb41@chongroyuhak.com


ACPI (Truong Anh Ngu Hoa Ky) - partner with ECLA

Website address: www.acpi.edu.vn


VETEC - Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: (08) 3844 9150

Email: info@vetecusa.com


Vietnam National University / Ho Chi Minh City

Email: flc@vnuhcm.edu.vn