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Language Academy Application Process

El Camino College offers students a premier intensive English language program through the El Camino College Language Academy (ECLA). 

Due to COVID-19, all ECLA classes will be taught through live Zoom classes. You will receive your schedule with links to your classes at orientation. 

  • New F1 Students from Overseas: Students are required to attend classes from their home country
  • New Transfer/Continuing Students: Students may remain in the U.S., transfer their I-20, and continue to take classes online.

Ready to Apply?

Only completed applications will be accepted. Partial applications will not be accepted.

Email documents to lludwig@elcamino.edu or skennedy@elcamino.edu 

Application Process

  • A student must complete and sign the application 
  • Attach a copy of the inside of your passport
  • If you are applying for an F-1 visa in your home country OR currently on an active I-20, please include a bank letter or financial statement that shows at least $9,000
  • Include application fee of $75 (credit card, check or cash)

Download Application


Scan and email the complete application to:  skennedy@elcamino.edu or lludwig@elcamino.edu.


  • Once the application is received by ECLA staff, it will be reviewed
  • If accepted, an acceptance letter will be emailed that will outline next steps 
    • F-1 VISA TRANSFER STUDENTS: You will be required to transfer your I-20 from your current school to ECLA and maintain your status studying at ECLA; this can be in the U.S. or overseas
    • NEW F1 VISA OVERSEAS STUDENTS: You will be emailed an electronic I-20 and must follow the steps to pay your SEVIS fee and make an F-1 visa appointment from your home country
    • NON F1 VISA STUDENTS: You may take online classes anywhere in the world!
  • When you receive your acceptance packet, read everything carefully and contact ECLA if you have any questions 


  • An I-20 is needed to pay the SEVIS fee
  • Included in your acceptance will be instructions on how to pay the SEVIS fee – www.fmjfee.com 
  • After you pay the SEVIS fee, schedule an appointment at the nearest U.S. Consulate Office - you will need the receipt to make an appointment with the United States Embassy


  • Schedule your visa interview at the local United States Embassy in your home country
  • Appointments can be made once SEVIS fees are successfully paid
  • Appointments can only be given at the local U.S. Embassy in your home country
  • Read Tips on Visa Application before you go to your interview 
  • Be on time for this appointment!
  • During your appointment at the Consulate Office, they will review your documents including your financial statement
  • Once approved, you will receive your F-1 visa in your passport