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Change of Status Process

Change of Status applications are processed through United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). If you want to change your status from B1/2, J1/2, E1/2, or L1/2 to a student visa - F1 student visa, please contact the Language Academy (ECLA) so that we can review the procedures with you. 

ECLA can provide the Change of Status I-20 once a student applies to ECLA, however ECLA cannot give advice nor recommendations to students.  ECLA is not responsible for status changes.

Change of Status Process

  1.  Complete and sign the ECLA application
  2.  Complete and sign the I-539 Form
  3.  Copy of inside of your passport
  4.  One passport-size photo
  5.  Current bank letter (or financial statement) showing at least $9,000
  6.  Copy of high school graduation certificate
  7.  Form I-94, Nonimmigrant Arrival Departure Record


For more information contact us at:

Telephone: 310-660-6473  /  Fax: 310-808-1154

lludwig@elcamino.edu or skennedy@elcamino.edu