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Chemistry Placement Test

The Chemistry Placement Test may be taken only once and is required of any student who wishes to enroll in Chemistry 1A. The test is not necessary for students who have completed Chemistry 4 at El Camino College with a C or better.

Pre-Testing Instructions

We recommend that you speak to a counselor before taking the test. The Chemistry Placement Test is taken online via Canvas, and students must sign up using the link below to receive access. A confirmation email will be sent once students can take the test with further instructions.

  • Length of exam: 40 minutes
  • Questions: 20 multiple choice
  • Items needed to take the exam: A valid picture ID, ECC student ID number, and some scratch paper and writing utensils. A calculator will be provided online during the exam.
  • Results: You will receive a score as soon as you finish the exam
Chemistry Test Sign-up Chemistry Study Guide

Please visit our Testing Policies for more information regarding a study guide and testing procedures!