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Plan where to park on Commencement day!

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Ceremony Location

The commencement ceremony will be held in Murdock Stadium, located in the south east part of campus. Guests may enter the stadium from on the east, northeast, and southeast entry points. Staff will be present to help guide guests inside.


Parking is free on commencement day and all parking lots will be open. Guests may park in student spaces. Do not park in staff, reserved, or disabled parking spaces unless you have the appropriate parking pass.

We recommend guests park in Lot C or Lot F--these are the closest parking lots to the stadium.

After the ceremony, expect long wait times for your vehicle to exit the parking lot. If you plan to celebrate in a restaurant that night, we recommend a late reservation time.

Acessible Parking

We strongly recommend guests who require accessible parking park in Lot F. This lot is the closest to Murdock Stadium. In addition, carts are availble in the north and south ends of Lot F to transport guests with mobility issues. The north pick-up location is between the Baseball Field and Construction Technology building. The south pick-up location is near the southeast corner of the Gymnasium.

To accomodate everyone, only the person(s) with mobility issues and one companion may ride in the cart.

After the ceremony, return to where you were initially dropped off to wait for an available cart. Expect long wait times due to pathway congestion.

Have a Question or Need Help?

Come visit us at the blue tents located around Murdock Stadium! The QR code for the digital commencement program will also be posted at the tents and inside the stadium.