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Campus Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is available on campus at the El Camino College for registered students, faculty, and staff.


Campus Wi-Fi offers access to campus resources from your wireless devices or laptop.

Wi-Fi networks accessed by faculty, staff and students are renamed "Warriors" and "Warriors_Local." The exact area of coverage is variable due to signal strength, radio frequency interference, the type of obstruction between your antenna and the access point, and a number of other variables.

Important information regarding use of hot spots:

  • Hot spots provide access to web surfing only. Printing cannot be directed to on-campus printers.
  • Hours of availability are during normal El Camino College operating hours.
  • Your computer must be equipped with an 802.11g or b compatible wireless NIC.
  • When the connection has been identified it will prompt you to accept the wireless access, be sure to accept the virtual certificate in this process. Next, you will be asked to log in using your MyECC user name and password.
  • For faculty and staff, it is your portal username and password.
  • Please be aware that viruses, worms, etc. that interfere with the function of your computer can be sent over the internet. The wireless hot spots do not provide protection against email spam or viruses. You should maintain anti-virus software and be current with operating system updates on your computer.
  • El Camino Community College District makes no guarantees regarding the operation of the wireless connection.
  • All users will have access to both networks. The way you access Wi-Fi will not change, but you will be required to log in using your username and password to reestablish connection to the network.

View the ECC Wireless Internet Access Instructions for more information.