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ASO Elections

Associated Students Organization (ASO) offers an opportunity for students to gain experience in leadership and use their position to advocate for others at El Camino College.

ASO representatives act as a liaison for the college and are elected annually. Individuals stay informed on current issues pertaining to students and commit to improving the quality of education and increasing student involvement on campus. Duties may vary with positions.

The general election of the ASO of El Camino College takes place in the spring of each year. Members of the associated student body (ASB) of El Camino College shall elect all executive cabinet members and division senators. 

2023 Elections

View the 2023 elections results here.


ASO will begin interviews for appointments after the 2023 elections process is complete. At that time, applications for appointment will reopen. 

Questions? Contact ASO leadership at aso@elcamino.edu.