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Engage is a platform for clubs to share information about their organization and manage their membership. On Engage, students can view all El Camino College clubs, inquire about membership, and view upcoming meetings and events.

Connect with Clubs

By using Engage, students can interact with clubs easily!

  • Learn about the purpose and mission of the club
  • Contact clubs
  • Join clubs
  • Check out upcoming club events
  • Download the club constitution

Explore Engage and get connected to the club that best suits you!

Log Into Engage

Features for Club Management

Within Engage, student clubs can find many features that help them manage their organization and submit requests.

  • Submit room requests for club meetings
  • Submit event proposals for activities
  • Invite members to upcoming events
  • Show current membership rosters
  • Store long-term files, like the club's constitution
  • And more!

We encourage clubs to explore all the features and build community through Engage!

New to Engage?

Joining is easy! Follow the instructions below to start.

  1. Go to the Engage and click "Sign In" at the top left of your screen.
  2. The El Camino College sign on page will load. Enter your El Camino email address and password.
  3. Fill the requested information on Engage and click "Create My Account."
  4. Search for clubs by using the search bar or view the entire list by clicking "Organizations."
  5. When viewing a club's homepage, click "Join" to request membership.

Instructions with screenshots can be found here.

Questions? Contact Us

Student Development Office

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