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Selling or Serving Food at Events

El Camino College organizations are required to contact Pacific Dining (catering@elcamino.edu) for first consideration before purchasing any food for sale or distribution. If possible, Pacific Dining will work with your group to provide catering.

If there are specific reasons why your organization does not wish to use Pacific Dining (budget restrictions, ethnic food, etc.), mention so in the email. If Pacific Dining grants permission for food items to be purchased elsewhere, attach proof of this permission to the Food Service Exemption Form (available in the Student Development Office) and email it to Andy Nasatir (anasatir@elcamino.edu) and the Student Services Technician.

Events with 10 people or fewer and/or food services worth $50 or less are not required to go through Pacific Dining for first consideration. Organizations falling within this category may go directly to their choice of food vendor and do not need to fill out the exemption form.

Food Service Exemption Form

If your food items are store bought, pre-packaged, and not delivered to El Camino College by a company or restaurant, copies of the business license, liability insurance, and workers compensation insurance do not need to be attached to the Food Service Exemption Form. Additional instructions are on the Food Services Exemption Form, which may be applicable to your organization. Please review the form carefully and contact the Student Development Office if there are questions.

Pacific Dining Catering Menu

For a copy of Pacific Dining’s catering menu with pricing, please contact catering@elcamino.edu.