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Grant Writing Articles

The following articles and resources address various topics  by experienced grant writers and consultants which may assist you in your grantsmanship efforts. Click the links below to access the suggested reading:


How to Write Goals, Objectives and Outcomes that Grant Funders Will Love! By: Betsy Baker

Addresses one of the major challenges grant writers face in trying to write meaningful yet exciting goals, objectives and outcomes for proposals.


What do Winning Proposals Have in Common? By: Gary Carnow Ed.D.

This newsletter includes information about how to bring your proposal's stats to life, the "team players" federal funders are starting to favor and why,  other news and info on grantsmanship.


The Grantsmanship Center News eMagazine

A monthly eMagazine providing a digest of news for grantseekers and proposal writers, as well as expert advice from their trainers and others.


Six Critical Things to Look For in a Foundation's 990 For Successful Grant Writing! Towards Effective Nonprofit Writing; Pamela's Grant Proposal Writing

How to read a foundation's 990-PF (often downloadable) to assist you in finding a good match with a foundation.


Foundations Don't Fund General Operating Costs- Or Do They? Towards Effective Nonprofit Writing, Pamela's Grant Proposal Writing

Explains the current trends related to "general operating costs".


Hard Data/Soft Data: How they help you build strong proposals By: Norton Kiritz

Learn the differences between the two types of data and how each should be used to strengthen proposals. Several examples/quotations are presented to the reader in various contexts, providing useful "do's and don'ts" for each type.


One Program Officer's Candid Tips for Grant Seekers Adapted from the remarks of Dr. Joel Orosz by the Grantsmanship Center

Straight forward advice regarding relationships with funders and how to create an effective proposal from an insider's perspective. Topics include: How to approach a foundation, what you should know about foundation operations, and twelve characteristics of a great proposal.


Why you need to understand indirect costs By: Henry Flood

Here you will find a short article regarding tracking grants and compliance. A list of key questions provides a useful list to begin this managerial process.


Contracts vs. Grants By: Henry Flood

Fundamental similarities and differences between federal contracts and federal grants. Aside from the facts, statements such as "more flexible" and "more rigorous" shed light on less commonly known aspects. Also discusses the federal procurement system, large bids, and negotiated acquisitions.


Purdue Proposal Enhancement Tools

Exercises and questions to help you  gain an edge in your proposals. Article focuses on three key elements: target audiences, anticipated impact and evaluation methods. It also contains valuable information regarding analysis, organization and the movement from general concepts to specificity.