Job Descriptions: Classified Positions

Browse job descriptions for classified positions at El Camino College.


Academic Records Evaluator


Accompanist Percussion


Accompanist Piano


Accounting Assistant I


Accounting Assistant II


Accounting Assistant III 


Accounting Officer 


Accounting Technician 


Accounting Technician II 


Administrative Assistant I 


Administrative Assistant II


Administrative Clerk


Admissions & Records Evaluations Advisor


Admissions & Records Specialist


Admissions & Records Technician I


Admissions & Records Technician II


Assessment Specialist


Assistant Accounting Clerk


Assistive Computer Technology Specialist


Athletic & PE Attendant


Athletic Assistant 


Athletic Specialist


Athletic Student Services Advisor


Athletic Trainer


Audio Visual Technician


Auto & Equipment Mechanic 


Bond Fiscal Agent


Bookstore General Merchandise Buyer 


Bookstore General Merchandise Buyer Assistant 


Bookstore Lead Sales Associate 


Bookstore Stockroom Lead 


Bookstore Technical Assistant


Bookstore Textbook Buyer 


Bookstore Textbook Buyer Assistant


Building Automation Systems Technician


Budget Specialist


Business Systems Analyst 




CalWORKs Job Development & Placement Advisor


CalWORKs Case Management/Services Coordinator


Campus Security & Access Technician




Clery Act Compliance Coordinator


Clerical Assistant




Clerk Cashier 


Computer Lab Specialist 


Computer Systems Support Technician 


Cosmetology Assistant


Costume Technician


Curriculum Specialist




Custodian Trainer


Data Entry Operator


Digital Media & Communications Coordinator


Digital Media Producer


Digital Media and Design Specialist


Digital Media Support Technician




Electronic Technician II


Enrollment Data Analyst


Enterprise Systems Administrator


ESL Coordinator


Event Specialist


Exercise Fitness Specialist


Facilities Program Specialist


Financial Aid Advisor


Financial Aid Assistant


Fine Arts Program Clerk 


Fire Training Center Specialist


Fiscal Services Analyst 


Foundation Financial Officer


Front Office Receptionist


Groundskeeper Gardener I 


Groundskeeper Gardener II


Heating and A/C Mechanic


Help Desk Consultant


Industrial Equipment Technician


Information Security Specialist 


Information Systems Technical Specialist 


Instructional Associate 


Instructional Designer


Instructional Media Coordinator - Distance Education


Instructional Services Advisor - Disabled Student Program Services (DSPS)


Job Placement Specialist


Lab Technician I 


Lab Technician II


Laundry Assistant 


Lead Accounting Technician


Lead Custodian


Lead Dispatcher 


Lead Locksmith


Lead Mail and Material Handler


Lead Worker - Services


Lead Worker - Systems


Learning Management System Specialist


Library and Learning Resources Technician I


Library and Learning Resources Technician II


Library and Learning Resources Specialist




Mail and Material Handler


Network Technician 


Operations Officer F1-Visa Program




Pathways Program Coordinator


Planning Analyst




Pool Maintenance Technician


Position Control Specialist


Printing Services Specialist


Production Coordinator


Professional Development Specialist 


Program Coordinator


Program Coordinator, ESL  


Program Coordinator - SSS STEM


Programmer Analyst


Programmer Trainee


Project Specialist


Promotion Assistant


Promotion Specialist


Public Information Technician/Photographer


Public Safety Dispatcher


Purchasing Assistant


Purchasing Assistant, Lead


Research Analyst


Research Associate


Research Technician


Safety and Health Workers Compensation Tech




Senior Accounting Technician


Senior Athletic Trainer 


Senior Clerical Assistant


Senior Network System Administrator


Senior Printing Services Specialist


Set Designer


Sign Language Interpreter


Skilled Trades Assistant


Skilled Trades Worker


Sound Technician


Sports Information Specialist


Stage Manager


Student Activities Advisor


Student Health Services Technician


Student Services Advisor


Student Success Coordinator


Student Services Specialist


Student Services Technician


Systems Programmer


Telecommunications Technician


Theatre Assistant


Theatre Technician


Ticket Office Coordinator


Toolroom Instructional Equipment Technician


User Support Technician


Utility Worker


Web Master