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Club Spotlights

To celebrate Club Rush Week, we would like to spotlight our student groups and clubs on
El Camino’s social media channels. 

Submission Guidlines

Submit a Club Spotlight

If you'd like your club featured, please fill out this form: Club Spotlight Form

Submit a Video Spotlight

If you're interested in an Instagram Story video spotlight, please send your video(s) to ECC’s Instagram channel (@elcaminoedu). Please read the video instructions below.


In order to be featured during Club Rush Week, please submit your completed form and video(s) by Monday, March 1.

Video Guidelines

Video Instructions:

  • IMPORTANT: Record in the vertical/portrait format (not horizontal/landscape)
  • Set your phone settings to record in the highest resolution possible like 1080p or 4K (this can be found in the ‘Camera Settings’)
  • Instagram stories are 15 seconds long. You’re welcome to submit between 1-5 video clips to promote your club.

Video Content Ideas:

  • Introduction of video host and what club you’re in
  • Brief overview of your club and what makes you unique
  • What type of students might be interested in your club
  • Benefits of joining the club (make new friends, learn a skill, community service, etc.)
  • How to join the club/club’s social media channels


Contact Amy Hanoa at ahanoa@elcamino.edu