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Classified Staff Resources

Table of Contents

1.  History of El Camino College
  History of El Camino College
    Space Shuttle Endeavor Flies Over El Camino College
  Mission Statement
  Board Policies
2.  General Campus Information
  Address / Directions / Maps
  Parking Information
  Where Can I Eat?
  Parking Permit / Finger Printing / Photo ID
  Campus Safety
  Emergency Preparedness
    Emergency Text Notification for Cell Phone
  Campus Calendars
  Who's Who
    Board of Trustees
  Drug-Free Workplace
  Equal Employment Opportunity
  Staff & Student Diversity
    Sexual Harassment
    Discrimination Complaints
  Smoking Regulations
  Education Code
  EASE (Employee Assistance Service for Education)
3.  The Classified Employee
  The Classified Service
  Classified Employee Union
  Vacancies on Campus
    Lateral Transfers
  Absences and Leaves
    Paid Leave of Absence
    Personal Necessity Leave
    Sick Leave
    Industrial Injury
    Jury Duty
    Military Leave
    Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
    Catastrophic Leave Program
    Extended Sick Leave Program
  Performance Evaluation
  Disciplinary Action and Your Rights
  Personnel File
4.  Requirements For Classified Employees
  Employment Processing
  Tuberculosis Testing
  Pre-Employment Physicals
  Address, Telephone, and Name Changes
  Identification Cards
  District Safe Drivers Program
  On The Job - Tips For Being Successful
5.  Payroll Information / Fringe Benefits / Retirement
  When You Are Paid
  Payroll Deductions
  Pay Days and Explanation Of Pay Warrant Stub
  Payroll Chart
  Fringe Benefits
  Health Benefits
    Medical Insurance
    Dental Insurance
    Vision Insurance
    Life Insurance
    COBRA Coverage
    Section 125 Flexible Benefit Program
    Voluntary Salary Continuance/Disability Plans
    Resignation / Retirement
    TSA (Tax-Sheltered Annuity)
    Beneficiary Upon Death
    Transfer of Retirement Account
    What To Do
6.  Technology for Staff
  ITS Technical Resources for Staff Members

7.  Campus Services
  Media Services
  Copy Center
  Institutional Research and Planning
8.  Professional Development
  Professional Development Training
  Professional Development Reporter
9.  Student Success – Plan Connect Complete
  The College Completion Agenda
  Student Success Initiative
10. Accreditation / Program Review
  Program Review
11. Employee Services / Staff Perks
  Educational Reimbursement
  Attendance Incentive Program
  Single Insurers
  Rideshare Program
  Computer Loans
  ECC Bookstore
  Center for the Arts
    Art Gallery
  ASB Student Stickers
  Credit Union
  Fitness Center
  Anthropology Museum
  Community Education
  Planetarium / Observatory