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FLEX Information, Forms, and FAQs

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Flex Forms

Below you will find links to various Flex forms. Their uses are defined below:

Flex Proposal Form aka the Professional Development Activity Proposal Form, is what you'll fill out if you plan on offering an on-campus activity for Flex credit i.e. events, brown bags, department meetings, etc. 

Flex Activity Report Form is to be used when there is no ‘evidence’ per se (such as a certificate) to attach to the External Training Form. This report will act as your supporting documentation

Presenter Flex Credit Form is what you'll fill out and submit as the supportion documentation for an External Training submission, so you can earn your Presenter Bonus Multiplier (see FAQs at bottom of page -- beneath the general FAQs)

Faculty PD Plan 2021-2022 Form what you'll submit for the current academic year's PD Plan. 

If you have a large event you can request to use the Large Zoom Meeting Room




 Information About Flex