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Office of Safety & Health

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In Case of Emergency

  • Press the POLICE button on your telephone.
  • If your telephone does NOT have a Police Button, dial 911, and wait for the dispatcher to answer (there may be a few second delay before the ring).
  • From on-campus pay phones, dial 911 direct.

View Emergency Procedures

Work-Related Injury

Employees who sustain a work-related injury should contact Company Nurse at the toll free phone at  877-518-6702, using El Camino College Company Code:  SCC04.

When an employee(s) contacts Company Nurse and medical treatment is required, Company Nurse will automatically send the injured employee(s) a Temporary Pharmacy Card with referral form to the District’s workers’ compensation, medical provider. The medical provider will provide the injured worker with a copy of their Temporary Pharmacy Card.

View FAQ if employee(s) ask "Why do I have call Company Nurse?"


Committee Minutes

For meeting minutes, see the committee minutes section.

Interpreting and Applying Education Code Benefits

Hazard Communication Program

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Office of Safety & Health

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