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ECC Connect is a success-oriented tool used to facilitate communication between faculty, staff, and students on campus. 

Welcome to ECC Connect!

El Camino College is committed to providing high quality academic and student services support to help students succeed in their educational goals.

ECC Connect is a system designed to provide a central location for students, instructors, counselors, and other support staff to connect and communicate. Research has shown that students who feel connected and supported during their educational experience tend to be more successful academically.

Faculty and staff who participate in ECC Connect may receive notifications via ECC email.


To access your ECC Connect home page, please click on the link below and log in using your network user ID and password.

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  • Use the Chrome browser when accessing ECC Connect.
  • Seeing a white screen or having loading issues while using Chrome or Microsoft Edge? Please use Safari or Firefox.
  • For further assistance, refer to the Faculty Access Guide.
  • If you have questions, email


How to Use ECC Connect with Your Course(s)

Faculty interested in participating and utilizing this system in their course(s) can do so in the following ways: 


Self-Initiate Tracking Items/Flags on individual students as needed. Support is available!

Please email us at to schedule a training session or answer any questions you have. 


Complete Progress Report that are automatically emailed to you during the 4th and 9th weeks of the spring and fall semesters. These are built into the system and generated for you to provide feedback on students enrolled in your class(es).     

You will receive an email reminder. Please login to ECC Connect to complete your progress report.

Spring 2024 Progress Report Dates: 

  • 4th Week: March 4-17
  • 9th Week: April 15-21 

Instructors now have the option to go paperless and submit the grade checks online through this system. The purpose of grade checks is to support our student special programs with a midterm check in.

We want to empower students to make informed decisions about their education and to be able to assist them when they are not progressing academically in their course(s). The programs that participate will follow up with students and keep their instructors in the loop about the student's progress. Instructors will be able to complete these on the following dates:   

Spring 2024 (16-Week Courses):

  • March 18 - April 26

Individual tracking items of current projected grades can still be raised.

Grades can be found under the following tabs:

  • Kudos: Passing (Grade A) or Passing (Grade B)
  • Flag: Passing (Grade C)
  • Referral: In danger of not passing (Grade D) or Not Passing (Grade F)

View Progress Report vs. Midterm Special Program Grade Check Guide



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