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Campus COVID-19 Response Plan - Updates Now Available

Posted 1/18/22 - For the latest information, visit the COVID-19 main page.

Campus COVID-19 Response Plan - Updates Now Available

The Campus COVID-19 Response Plan has been updated to include new protocols and procedures based on the latest guidance issued by the LA County Department of Public Health for Institutions of Higher Education and the increase of positive COVID-19 cases reported throughout Los Angeles County. 

In preparation for spring semester 2022 (which begins February 12), it is critical that every member of our campus community read the Plan and become familiarized with its contents. The Plan may be viewed at any time on the El Camino College website.

Revisions include the following updates:

  • Face Coverings (p. 6): El Camino College will provide well-fitting medical grade masks, surgical masks, or high-level respirators to employees who work closely with other staff or students.
  • Contact Tracing (pgs. 9 and 10):
    • Updated procedure for students or employees who test positive
    • Updated exposure procedures for those who are unvaccinated or fully vaccinated but have not been boosted.
    • Exemption of quarantine for those who are boosted or vaccinated and not yet booster-eligible

Please know that this Plan was developed and endorsed through collegial consultation under the stewardship of the El Camino College COVID-19 Taskforce. 

Any questions regarding this Plan may be sent to COVID19taskforce@elcamino.edu. Please thoroughly review this Plan prior to submitting questions to the Task Force. 

Please note that individuals who are unvaccinated (visitors to campus or those who have been exempted from vaccination) must wear a mask at all times for their own safety.


For further information about testing, please contact World Back to Work at: