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Students enrolled in 3 to 5 units will receive $250.

Yes, if you meet all the awarding criteria. Having enrollment fees waived by the California College Promise Grant (formerly the Board of Governors Fee Waiver) will not impact this award.


We will continually award to students who are eligible.


Students who are Title IV eligible and enrolled in 3 or more units who have need will receive. You may not have any other financial aid awards. Need is calculated by cost of attendance minus expected family contribution.


No, unfortunately DACA recipients and international students are not Title IV eligible.


Unfortunately, only Title IV eligible students qualify. Students must be a citizen or eligible non-citizen.


El Camino has other emergency funds available to students. The application can be found here.


No. Eligible students received funds on May 13. We will continue to award to eligible students and expect to disburse every 2 weeks.