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Health Screening Wrist Band Process Modified

Beginning August 22, 2022, wrist bands will no longer be required to enter buildings. However, the daily health screening questionnaire and blue pass QR code will continue to be required to enter campus facilities and receive services. Please be prepared to show your blue pass to enter. In addition, there will be fewer kiosk locations.

If wrist bands are preferred for convenience, or if assistance is needed, please visit the following kiosk locations: Student Services Building, Math, Business and Allied Health (MBAH) building, and the Testing Center, MBBM 134.

As a reminder, exempted staff and students are still required to test.

The wrist band process was reviewed by the COVID-19 Task Force and changes were made in response to campus constituent feedback. Managers and Supervisors are asked to please share this information with all faculty and staff in their respective departments. As requested by ECCE, staff who encounter issues with providing service to students or members of the public under this revised screening process, should request assistance of their direct supervisor.

Note: Changes to kiosk locations, or other protocols such as masking requirements, are subject to change as conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic change.