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Mask Mandate Remains in Effect in Most Areas

After reviewing feedback from the various constituency groups on campus regarding the mask mandate, the COVID-19 Task Force decided to maintain the mask mandate in most spaces through the end of the spring semester with the following two exceptions:

Library and Learning Resource Center

  • Those visiting the Library will now have the option to unmask.
  • A mask-wearing section of the Library will also be designated for students who would prefer to study around other mask-wearing patrons.

Indoor Sporting Events

For competitive games and associated team practices occurring in Athletic areas designed for competition, participants and visitors will also have the option to unmask.

The Library and the Athletic areas designed for competition are well-ventilated, large spaces, which can accommodate social distancing. These changes are in-line with recommendations from the California Community College Athletic Association and are being followed across the state.

Masking guidelines will be revisited throughout the semester to determine whether masks will be needed for summer and fall terms. 

Please visit Campus COVID-19 Response Plan for current information about masking protocols.