Reporting Protocol for Positive COVID-19 Cases
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March 3, 2020

Reporting Protocol for Positive COVID-19 Cases

To ensure timely notification to the Pandemic Coordinators, if you or a staff member learn of a positive COVID-19 test result (or presumed positive after an exam by a medical professional) and the individual has been on campus within the past two weeks, please report this information to our Pandemic Coordinators immediately by calling the Director of Risk Management at 310-294-4729.

Per the Los Angeles County Public Health Officer Order revised October 26, 2020, laboratory-confirmed positive COVID-19 individuals are required to notify those with whom they have had “close contact.” Notification of a positive COVID-19 test, absence/being sent home from campus due to COVID-19 related symptoms, or exposure to a known positive COVID-19 individual, is to be reported to Student Health Services via the COVID-19 health screening questionnaire in the HIPAA-compliant Medicat Screening Portal.

To ensure the medical privacy of all individuals, please do not discuss the identity of the individual with anyone.