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Summary of Emergency COVID-19 Task Force Meeting

January 15, 2021

Summary of Emergency COVID-19 Task Force Meeting

The COVID-19 Task Force held an emergency meeting on January 15 to review and discuss the increased number of cases on campus. The group received a briefing about guidance from the Communicable Disease Division of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) and its assessment of what constitutes an outbreak. More than three cases in a 14-day period is considered an outbreak if the cases are linked.

As noted in yesterday’s communication, 12 positive COVID-19 cases have been reported among members of the El Camino College community over the last 30 days. Our COVID-19 case reports are submitted to and reviewed by LACDPH, and an outbreak has not been identified. If LACDPH had determined our case reports constituted an outbreak, the agency would have contacted the College and sent a team to investigate.

Nevertheless, the Task Force brainstormed ways to reduce the number of cases on campus. These include temporarily eliminating discretionary visits to campus in order to work in an office or use athletic facilities, ensuring contractors are following appropriate protocols, and reviewing on-campus staffing to determine a minimal level that will still support essential operations. 

The Task Force also reviewed Los Angeles County’s vaccination plan, which is currently in Phase 1A Tier 3 for healthcare workers. The plan calls for vaccinating those working in education, including higher education, during Phase 1B Tier 1. However, vaccinations are behind schedule.

Finally, contact tracing protocols will be posted on the COVID-19 website after review by the Task Force. The group will meet again on January 22.