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Supervisor Checklist

Before contacting and scheduling an employee to work on campus, please review the following checklist.

  • Return to Campus Notice - Calculate the amount of time being given between your anticipated notification and the on-campus start date. Notification time frame should be no less than 14 calendar days. It is OK to ask if an employee is willing to voluntarily work on campus sooner.
  • Work Schedule - Determine the employee’s on-campus work schedule and work hours. Determine what the work assignment on campus will entail. (e.g., work expectations, end
    goals, etc.)
  • Breaks – Plan to schedule more breaks during work shifts to allow employees to wash their hands with soap and water more frequently and to take mask breaks.
  • PPE Storage – Designate a location to store extra PPE supplies in the department’s office/work area. Be prepared to locate and provide respirator masks(i.e., KN95 or N95) in the event an employee asks for one. Replace the employee’s respirator as often as needed if it gets damaged, deformed, dirty, or difficult to breathe through.
  • Ventilation - Submit a work order to Facilities Management if a portable air filter is needed in the employee’s work area. Open doors and/or windows to the outdoors when possible to
    increase air circulation and reduce frequent touching of door handles/knobs.
  • Familiarize yourself with the current Campus Entry Process. Be prepared to explain the process to employees, if needed. 

When contacting and scheduling an employee to work on campus, discuss ALL of the following:

  • Work Assignment - Inform employee of campus start date, work schedule, work hours, and the amount of notice the employee is receiving. Explain why the on-campus assignment is necessary. Review the work assignment in detail. Send a follow-up email with the details discussed.
  • Training - Inform employee when they will receive their COVID-19 training, how often, and when trainings should be completed (e.g., To be completed at home prior to campus arrival? To be completed at start of work shift? To be sent via ECC email? To be printed for employee on first day? etc.) One training topic per week is sufficient. Refer to the COVID-19 Task Force website for a list of Training Materials. Record training topics covered and dates completed by employees.
    For instructions on how to assign Keenan trainings to your direct reports, go to the COVID-19 Task Force webpage regarding Training Materials.
  • Explain the current Campus Entry Process and what the employee is expected to do each day before coming to campus and what to do upon arrival on campus.
  • Send the Employee Checklist in advance (if possible) and have the employee contact you if they have questions or concerns about anything on the checklist. 

Schedule a Pre-Return Zoom Meeting - Schedule and facilitate a virtual pre-return meeting with employees to review and discuss:

  1. Cleaning – discuss department protocols for cleaning and address any health/safety concerns raised by employees regarding work on campus (i.e., how the department wants to handle frequently touched, common surfaces and objects such as counter tops, copy machines, steering wheels, tools, shared office supplies, phones, door handles, etc., including the planned frequency and scope of cleaning and disinfection to be assumed by department personnel.)
  2. PPE Access – discuss how employees can access PPE should they need it and/or inform employees where additional supplies are located in the office.
  3. Reporting – encourage employees to report to you encounters with individuals on campus who refuse to comply with campus COVID-19 mandates. Encourage employees to also report any COVID-19 hazards in the workplace to you. (i.e., persons who appear sick and may be expelling infectious droplets via excessive coughing or sneezing.) Contact the COVID Compliance Officer (Ashley Smith) at ashley@worldbacktowork.com for guidance when a potential hazard has been identified or call the World Back to Work Call Center at 888-672-0860.
  4. EASE Program – remind employees to utilize the EASE Program whenever they are feeling overwhelmed with worry, anxiety, or stress. EASE is available to employees and their family members and is a free, confidential benefit - 800-882-1341.