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Plans for 2020-21 Athletic Season

July 14, 2020

Plans for 2020-21 Athletic Season

In accordance with plans recently announced by the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA), all El Camino College athletic competition for the 2020-21 academic year will be shifted to the spring season. This decision has been made out of concern for the health and safety of our student athletes, our coaches and staff, and the campus community.

Per the CCCAA’s plans, all sports will have a 30 percent reduction in the maximum number of contests or competition dates they are currently permitted and will also have regional postseason competition. Formats for the postseason will be announced at a later date. The CCCAA will not have state championships in 2020-21.

It’s important to note the return to athletics in January will only occur if it’s safe to do so, a decision that CCCAA emphasizes will be guided primarily by state and local health guidelines. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is a time of uncertainty, our Warrior athletes, coaches, and staff are looking forward to returning. For more details on the revised 2020-21 schedule, click here.