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2020 Fall Semester & 2021 Winter Intersession Courses

July 29, 2020

2020 Fall Semester & 2021 Winter Intersession Courses

As you’re likely aware, the number of COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County continues to increase. With this in mind, and out of a desire to ensure your health and safety, 2020 Fall Semester courses at El Camino College will be held online for the duration of the semester. Likewise, courses for the 2021 Winter Intersession will be delivered remotely for the entirety of the Intersession period.

You’ll be able to take the classes you need, delivered safely in an online format. And as always, you’ll have access to the same resources you need to help you succeed. There are still a lot of open Fall Semester classes available, so register today.

Even though we remain in this online mode of instruction, Governor Newsom has issued directives regarding training and staffing of essential sectors during the pandemic. That means a limited number of programs that prepare students for employment in essential industries will be allowed to hold face-to-face classes on campus during the 2020 Fall Semester. These classes will be held following all appropriate social distancing and safety protocols.

El Camino College programs that are defined as essential under current state directives include the following sectors: Allied Health and Public Health, Emergency Services, and Critical Manufacturing. Specific courses that will be offered face-to-face can be found here.