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Course Delivery Plans for Summer and Fall

May 8, 2020

Course Delivery Plans for Summer and Fall

With the COVID-19 pandemic still underway, El Camino College is implementing plans for how courses will be delivered throughout the remainder of 2020. These plans have been designed to balance student success and instructional requirements with student and faculty safety amid ongoing social distancing mandates.

For the 2020 Summer Session, all instruction will be delivered remotely. Most classes will be scheduled as an online course. Some classes may have set days and times scheduled for meetings, and instructors may require virtual attendance at those designated times.

For the 2020 Fall Semester, most instruction will be delivered remotely. Academic departments are currently determining which courses will be taught online, which ones will be hybrid (meaning a mix of online and face-to-face instruction), and which ones will require face-to-face instruction because they cannot be held remotely. 

Be aware that hybrid courses will be scheduled with set meeting days and times, for both the online sessions and the face-to-face sessions. Some of these courses will also be prioritized for full face-to-face delivery on campus when circumstances allow and appropriate social distancing can be implemented. Courses that cannot be delivered online will be offered in the second 8-week sessions or will not be scheduled for fall.

Academic divisions are still determining whether courses with complex face-to-face instruction, such as science labs, can be offered during the Fall Semester. Those decisions will depend on the future status of the pandemic and the accompanying social distancing requirements.

The class schedule for Fall Semester will be available online May 15.