Karina Ramirez

Student Spotlight: Karina Ramirez

February 22, 2022 Torrance, CA

During an info session while still in high school, Karina Ramirez confirmed her final decision to attend El Camino after learning about the college’s different programs such as the South Bay Promise, which means her enrollment fees are paid for the first two years. The political science major is now focused on her academics and making sure she stays on track to become a college professor.

“El Camino is helping me achieve my goals by providing counseling, along with professional opportunities for my future career,” she said. “El Camino is also covering my tuition through the South Bay Promise, allowing me to attend college without worries of cost.”

Once she enrolled at El Camino, Ramirez also joined the Honors Transfer Program, the Associated Students Organization and the Student Equity Advisory Council, programs that give her the chance to become involved with campus life, while also offering leadership and additional activities outside of the classroom.

“Being a Warrior means being a part of a community,” she said. “Everyone at El Camino is doing everything they can to guarantee my success in my early college education.”