Raymundo Aguero Nicacio

Student Spotlight: Raymundo Aguero Nicacio

September 22, 2021 Torrance, CA

Raymundo Aguero Nicacio continues to be amazed with how far he's come. His journey in higher education began in 2004 and was not easy – he worked full time, faced financial challenges and endured several personal setbacks before graduating this past spring. Thanks to helpful faculty and counselors, his friends and family, and a few second chances, Nicacio is meeting his goals and will transfer this fall to UC Davis. Participating in commencement with the Class of 2019 was the perfect celebration of his efforts and a highlight of his time at El Camino College.

"I quit my job in 2017 and went back to school full time, so to see all my work and effort culminate into that special day was so surreal," Nicacio said of the commencement ceremony. "I could not believe I was graduating. I still can't believe I am transferring this fall to UC Davis."

In addition to earning an associate degree in business management, Nicacio also earned the very first Retail Management Certificate awarded by El Camino College. This eight-course program primarily trains grocery store front-line and supervisor employees in all areas of management, including communication and interpersonal skills, management fundamentals, accounting, marketing, and effective retail procedures. Employees who complete the certificate program are well positioned for advancement and promotion.

"Earning this certificate was a great experience for me because some of the courses were really intensive with a lot of work and preparation," Nicacio said. "The good thing was that the classes share the same concepts and it was all so easy to understand because the material made sense in the simulations that were assigned."

Nicacio is looking forward to moving to Davis to continue his studies in managerial economics. His best advice for new students is to find faculty members who can help navigate the college process. And don't wait to apply; start college classes ASAP.

"I would definitely recommend El Camino College to anyone," he added. "As of matter of fact, I have already recommended the school to my little sister, who will attend ECC classes this fall. I have given her tips and encouraged her to participate in school activities."