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Articulation Agreements

Students who plan to transfer need to know which courses completed at El Camino College will be accepted at the college/university of attendance.

Articulated Courses

Successful completion of an articulated course assures the student and faculty that the student has taken the appropriate course, received the necessary instruction and preparation, and that similar learning outcomes can be assured. This allows for progression to the next level of instruction at the receiving institution.

El Camino College articulation agreements with the California State University and University of California can be found at Articulation System Stimulating Inter-institutional Transfer (ASSIST). ASSIST is an online student transfer information system that shows how course credits earned at a public California California Community College can be applied when transferring to a four year California university.

We have articulation agreements with private/independent colleges in California and printed advising guides in the counseling division for those marked with an asterisk *.