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Library Classes

Information competency is an essential skill in this age of information overload and technological advances. Don't get left behind! We offer two classes to get you up to speed.


Study Skills for College - NPAS 105

This noncredit class is designed to provide a quick foundation in the skills and habits that will assist you in your academic goals. This course will cover strategies for time management, notetaking, and studying. 


Overcoming Academic Anxiety - NPAS 107

This noncredit, class will cover strategies for identifying, managing, and reducing academic anxiety and stress that will serve students in their academic journey and beyond.   


Technology Skills for College - NPAS 109

This noncredit course is designed to develop students’ technology skills for college. This class will cover ECC email, Microsoft Office, MyECC, ECC Connect, OneDrive, Google Drive, any relevant smartphone apps for ECC students, and basic computer literacy. 


Succeeding in Online and Hybrid Classes - NPAS 115

This noncredit short-term class provides a review of essential skills and approaches for succeeding in online and hybrid courses. Topics covered include how to use all of the features in El Camino’s online and digital learning environment, planning for success in distance education before you start a course, and how to engage with your instructor and access campus resources online.


Critical Thinking and Information Literacy - LIBR 100

Critical Thinking and Information Literacy acquaints students with the organization of libraries and their resources, enabling them to develop strategies for library research. Students will familiarize themselves with basic information literacy concepts through literacy activities and research exercises. Students will learn how to locate and evaluate traditional and electronic types of library resources. Students will understand equity in research and how to find research by BIPOC individuals. Students will survey MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian citation formats and learn how to prepare a bibliography using APA standards. Students will also acquire proficiency in the use of informational technology in order to understand the full potential of library resources.


Critical Thinking and Digital Literacy - LIS 110

Critical Thinking and Digital Literacy will engage students in deep learning about internet research. Students will build critical thinking research strategies by analyzing and evaluating online information, recognizing information patterns and connections, identifying and constructing meaningful knowledge, and understanding information access in online environments. Students will survey digital literacy's three main components: finding and consuming digital content; creating digital content; and communicating or sharing digital content. Other related topics include information competency and the evaluation, validation, and citation of Internet sources.  The class will culminate in an independent research investigation on a topic important to the student. 


One fully transferable unit awarded per class. LIBR 110 is offered credit/no credit.

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